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When I have to be in Amsterdam for appointments, I always make sure I got time reserved to visit the photography exhibition space and museum FOAM. When I got back from the states, first thing on the agenda when beiing in Amsterdam, was visiting the exhibition about William Eggleston - one of my favourite photographers with a philosophy within photography I can really connect to. 

The exhibition "Los Alamos" shows Eggleston's portfolio between 1966 and 1974, with pictures shot during roadtrips in the southern states of the USA. It starts in his place of birth Memphis and gives us an honest look at the surroundings of that part of America. An honest look that points out different combinations in colours, textures, objects and people - only the way Eggleston can do it. 

The exhibition shows a documentary about William Eggleston that really points out the point of view of the photographer. Click on the following link to see for yourself:

William Eggleston - documentary


The exhibition "Los Alamos" can be visited until the 7th of June at FOAM


FOAM Amsterdam

Keizersgracht 609

1017 DS Amsterdam







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