12 September 2016 // Florine van Rees //Rotterdam





Last friday was the press release of the latest exhibition in the Kunsthal Rotterdam. It is quite an honour to have the legendary fashion photographer to present his solo exhibition in our city and be able to launch the new and fresh picturebook Lindbergh made of his oeuvre, together with Tashen. 

The press release was quite a show I must say, since Peter did not come all by himself but got accompanied with 7 supermodels and muses, mostly the iconic faces from the nineties. Karen Alexander, Lara Stone, Cecilia Chancellor, Milla Jovovich, Tatjana Patitz, Nadja Auermann with her daughter and the up and rising Elisa Hupkes stood next to the legend and their true friend, representing the Lindbergh family.

It was beautiful to hear the great experiences the models have had with Peter Lindbergh and the feeling of importance and true beauty that the photographer gave them during photoshoots. He is known for his natural beauty portraits in black and white, shot with film - A lot of them became iconic frames. 

The exhibition "A different vision on fashion photography" looked beautiful, and is really much more than just a picture exhibition. You get drawn into Peter Lindbergh's world and mind and get to feel the pictures. Pictures that show character and definitely show a different vision in fashion photography. Negatives, never published prints, gigantic prints, notes and interviews show you 40 years of fashion photography from the eye of Peter Lindbergh, a master in his craft and a true inspiration to us all. 


You can visit "A different vision on fashion photography" from now on until the 12th of February at the Kunsthal Rotterdam.


Westzeedijk 341
3015 AA Rotterdam




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