12 October 2015 // Florine van Rees //Rotterdam


 Last month a new exhibition was to opened in Rotterdam, namely in the Photography Museum at the Kop van Zuid. 

It seems like fashion is lying in the air of Rotterdam, or floating on the Maas to make sure we can't miss it and have to be a part of it. With the Temporary Fashionmuseum at HNI to make a start, the Photography Museum at the other side of the water made a good entrance as well, showing two sides of fashion photograhpy. 

On the main floor you can find a collection op photographs made by well known fashion photographer in the 20th century, Horst P Horst. Most of the pictures are in black and white, which makes you have to focus on every frame and not treat it the same as every other you've seen. A good balance made on this floor is the "Vogue Room", that shows all the full cover Vogue covers Horst made in his life. Very vibrant en very lively, it was a little candy store in the middle of all the black and white frames, pictures and walls. 

The basement was the territory of dutch fashion designer Matthijs van Bergen. He shows his inspiration in fashion design and made quite litteral translations by using photo prints in his designs made especially for this exhibition. Together with three photographers, another translation is made concerning his designs. The most fun about this par is the following: This room has round corners and is completely PINK! Fluffy pink capet on the floor and pink foam on the walls, always a good idea!

For more information about the exhibition and the museum itself, please visit: www.nederlandsfotomuseum.nl

The exhibition Horst P. Horst can be visited until the 10th of January.



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