24 December 2015 // Florine van Rees //Rotterdam



Last week I finally got the chance to visit the amazing exhibition "Radiant" by Nicky Assmann at TENT Rotterdam - an expo tipped by a friend. 

Nickey Assmann is an artist based in Rotterdam, an expert in mixing technologie and science, making it a perfect piece of art. This time three installations were in the center of TENT, making a colorful light installation the ultimate room to be in all day long. 

Radiant is a dynamic mobile sculpture perfectly measured for the ultimate result of light, shapes and color in a room that gives you a true experience of beauty.

And then there is a room showing her work "Solace", another installation that makes you want to sit down and whatch for hours in a row, showing moving film made out of soap and turning into beautiful moving colors as if they are fire and water fighting with each other.  

The final installation is called "Aurora", and shows the effect of an oxidation process of several copper plates; which is off corse beautiful. Let's just keep this short en make the conclusion that this is a must see!


Got interested?


The exhibition is to be seen until the 31th of January at TENT Rotterdam,

Witte de Withstraat 50

010 4135498







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