13 December 2016 // Florine van Rees //Rotterdam




This year, a new museum has opened in The Netherlands. One of the country's biggest art collector Joop van Caldenborgh made this private museum in the village he lives in, namely the beautiful Wassenaar near the beach and surrounded with nature and beautiful houses. 

Voorlinden is not only a Museum and describes itself as an estate that contains a special en specifically build museum, the original building that serves as a restaurant and the estate itself. This last thing is an important part, since it is woven together with the principle of a museum visit. You can find peace, quiet and inspiration while looking outside the giant walls made out of glass of when you walk around the estate. An area with a forest and the beginning of the dunes that bring you towards the North Sea. The gardens are part of the experience and designed by Piet Oudhof, who is internationally known for his landscape architecture. They contain sculptures that invite you to experience within the setting of the design. 

The museum is already worth a visit for the beautiful library inside of it. It is only possible to enter when an appointment is made, but you can imagine yourself hanging around the books for an entire day, gliding down the staircase and looking through the glass walls.

Museum Voorlinden has a permanent collection, build in the design of the building and definitely highlights of the museum. Leandro Erlich's Swimming Pool is specially designed for Voorlinden and already a massive hit on Social Media, but also the Skyspace by James Turrell is a real treat for the eye and experience. Read about James Turrell in one of Puck Gall's Magic Monday blogs: MAGIC MONDAY // James Turrell.

At the moment an exibition of Elsworth Kelly is shown, and taking over almost half of the museum. The colourfull art pieces really get the space and lightning they need to experience them and feel actually complete beeing all together, flown over from all over the world. The Full Moon exhibition on the other side is quite different, yet not really - since colour and shapes are amoung the most important ideas around the art exhibited. You can find Yves Klein, Andy Warhol and Damien Hirst almost side by side, which is rather special. 

Museum Voorlinden is a real recommendation, and advised to take half the day off to truly experience the building, garden and restaurant to complete it. 



Voorlinden museum & gardens

Buurtweg 90

2244 AG Wassenaar

+31 70 512 1660

opened daily from 11:00-17:00






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