07 November 2016 // Florine van Rees //Rotterdam



On the 21st of October, I had the honour to present my first solo exhibition in Opperclass, Rotterdam. This exhibition was an addition to the book launch of "Spectrums Rearranged", my first book that is for sale to the public.  

Spectrums Rearranged shows a colour research, based on pictures I took for the last couple of years during my travels. The main goal was to show that we don't have to make rules when it comes to colour combinations, we just have to reset our way of looking and make colours around us on the streets and in nature a new way to create these combinations. 

In my research, I've worked with pigments as the most natural product when it comes to colour and the usage of this. The origin of each pigment is different and shows us that not every colour is as easy to find as the other - rare colours do exist. 

See for yourself if the rearranged spectrums work for you and inspire you, the exhibition can only be visited this Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 12:00 until 17:00 - Hope to see you there!


Spectrums Rearranged


Claes de Vrieselaan 103
















 Pictures by Michele van Vliet and Florine van Rees

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