30 July 2014 // Florine van Rees //Rotterdam


This Sunday August the 3th at 9.30 you can find the 26th edition of Deventer’s book market in the Dutch city of Deventer. There are 878 stands, which is like 6 kilometres of road filled with books. This makes it Europe’s largest book fair.  The market boasts of a variety of books, of all shapes and sizes – paperbacks and hard copies, new ones and second hand books. There are books on all subjects including literature, sports, gardening, cooking, comics, music, arts, history, architecture, religion, philosophy etc – you name the genre and you will get it there!

The evening before you can visit the festival, The Gardenparty (het Tuinfeest), where a lot of famous writers will come to read some of there poems and story’s.

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