20 January 2016 // Michèle van Vliet //Rotterdam


Today's post will be about the one thing that occupies my mind these days: THE PHOTO GRADUATES, a photography platform I've started over a year ago together with my partner in crime Nana. On the 30th of January we'll be opening the new exhibition UNDISCOVERED and for the second year in a row, the WTC Art Gallery in Rotterdam will serve as the perfect blank canvas for the work of our graduates. Our goal is to make a selection of amazingly talented photography alumni from the Dutch art academies and to showcase their work on various locations throughout the year, like North Sea Jazz festival and Rotterdam Contemporary art fair. By presenting the photographers on a serious and professional stage, we'll try to prevent the black hole in between graduation and working as an artist from happening.

This year's selection contains the work of Cleo Wächter, Luc Schol, Lynne Brouwer, Sem Langendijk, Emilia Aivazian, Anouk van Kalmthout, Kiri Pruntel, Davy de Lepper and Lisa Helder.

On our opening night we'll be having a little party with dj's Job Smit & Marc Nolte and Hollywood & Vine – and of course you're invited!  


WTC Art Gallery — Meent 132B — Rotterdam

24 JAN — 21 FEB 2016

Official opening 30 JAN — 19:30—22:30


Luc Schol


Anouk Kalmthout


Emilia Aivazian


Davy de Lepper


Cleo Wachter


 Kiri Pruntel


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