25 March 2014 // Serena Asselman //Rotterdam


It's winter, a weird one though. In January it started to get slightly colder in some areas more than others, and the cold people began dreaming of summer and warmer weather. Not me. The temperature was still pretty sweet here in Spain and the sun was still shining every day. I should have been stoked, but no, I needed a proper dose of winter. So I jumped on a plane and went to get myself lost up North in Scandinavia, going back and forth between Umeå (Sweden) and Mo I Rana (Norway), spending half days on buses traveling from one spot to another and enjoying every single second of those rides because the landscape is absolutely breathtaking; also taking longs walks by - 18° in the snow.It's silent, peaceful and beautiful; so beautiful that you forget about the cold (or maybe I might just have a better disposition to cold temperatures than most of my Southern counterparts), life's lemons and pretty much everything. Or maybe was it just a brain freeze?

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