11 February 2014 // Florine van Rees //Rotterdam


// NICE 

Nice, a humble but beautiful flower at the Cote Azur in France. There will be no squares filled with japanese people trying to photograph the tip of the tower of the famous church, since there are no particular must see spots for tourists. In fact, in every street, at every square, at every fountain, in every church, at every market and on every terras, there is something interesting and typical french to see and feel.  The French Riviera is known for it's beautiful boulevards, in Nice the famous boulevard is called "promenade des Anglais". You can walk the entire boulevard from the beginning of Nice when you leave the airport, to the beautiful harbour at the other side of Nice. In between there is the old part of Nice with the famous flower market and charming boutiques surrounded with nice restaurants and terasses to drink a Monaco and have a casserole filled with fresh mussels. The flower market is once in a while transformed into a vintage antique market, which is really worth visiting.  If you would like to have a nice walk outside the city centre, there is the hill inbetween Vieux Nice and the harbor. It is a nice climb inbetween the nature which ends in the most beautifull view all over Nice and the ocean next to it. There is a park on top of the hill, which makes it seductive to stay and read a book. When you go back down, it's worth visiting the harbor and the antique district in between the harbor and the hill.  My favourite store in Nice must be "Mademoiselle". This tiny boutique has a vintage motorcycle in the window surrounded with chanel suitcases, chanel boots, max mara scarfs and so on.  When you enter the store you find yourself on a fishbone parquet surrounded with open closets, as if you are in the most beautiful walk in closet you can imagine. All the items in the closet are real luxury vintage pieces from famous designers, which you maybe not even have been able to touch yet. Chanel tweed jackets, Hermes silk blouses and Max Mara dresses. In the center of the parquet, there is a typical glass deployed wooden table. Underneath the glass you can find hermes earrings, chanel sunglasses and louis vuitton broches: a real treasury!  You can find Mademoiselle at: 41, rue de France. Don't miss it!


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