15 May 2015 // Simcha van Helden //Rotterdam


Jan Dibbets is one of Hollands most famous artists. His goal was to estrange his viewers view by questioning if what you see, is really what you see. By combining images and playing with shape, form and scale he created new intriguing images that where new for his time. Dibbets achieved worldwide fame with his perspective correction works, a series of photographs that he started to make in 1967. I find his works inspiring and of all time. Realizing he started the era of photographic art, we couldn’t be more great full.

p.s. knowing he’s a cool guy helps, to end with an inspiring quote: ‘People think everything has already been done. When students tell me this I open the door and tell them - ‘Goodbye and don’t come back’. It is a killing attitude. You have to surprise yourself. You can’t blame oil paint that painting is supposedly dead. In everything, whatever it is can be developed with creativity.’

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