08 May 2015 // Simcha van Helden //Rotterdam


Going through last weeks Volkskrant we stumbled upon this photographic work of Brazilian fine art photographer Angelica Dass. Next to the fact that the portrait photography is mind blowing, the idea of capturing all the different possible human skin tones is amazing. Humanæ is a chromatic inventory, a project that reflects on the colors beyond the borders of our codes by referencing the PANTONE® color scheme.

“It is a kind of game for subverting our codes,’ Dass explains. The ultimate goal is to provoke discussion about ethnic identity, creating images that lead us to identify each other independent from factors such as nationality, origin, economic status, age, or aesthetic standards. The most important thing for me is the dialogue Humanae has generated outside of the existing conversation. For example, Humanaehas been used in educational textbooks by teachers who use it as a tool to talk about equality, appropriation for new artists who are interested in the physiognomic variety in the project, or scientists who use it to illustrate their research.”

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