06 January 2017 // Florine van Rees //Rotterdam



“This past summer, I spent a lot of time in the Eastern Sierra mountains, located in central California. “I’ve grown up camping in these mountains every summer with my family.”I’ve grown up camping in these mountains every summer with my family. I’ve learned to love the streams, aspens, and hiking trails of this area, and now know it like the back of my hand. Although the number of annual returners in my family is slowly dwindling, I always have friends that are willing to go dirt-bagging for a few days. I love that I’m able to share this place and some of my most memorable moments with close companions. I loaded up my van with fishing gear, a whole load of film, and numerous cans of chili and lit out for a week of camping and soaking in natural hot springs…” - Sean Raymond Collier in an interview for Ignant



With the January blues beeing all around us, it is time to fulfill ourselves with some happy fantasies and wanderlust. Californian native Sean Raymond Collier captured his travels through the Eastern Sierra Mountains and shows us the true beauty of nature and being dependent on the force of nature. Let the travel planning begin! 



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