07 January 2016 // Sanne Schrijver //Amersfoort



Ryan Schude is a Los Angeles based photographer and made a photo series called “Tableaux Vivants”. It’s a brilliant combination of pleasure for the eye and substance. These complicated, deftly crafted images are composites of many photographs and layers. Each image seems to capture one evocative moment, each image in the series is its own story, although they have themes in common; humor, action, strife and conflict. The images are wildly energetic. Setups are created with countless characters causing playful chaos on each other and the environment. Ryan Schude is known for his highly imaginative, cinematic productions for the purpose of getting that one single image. Schude’s work is often chaotic, energetic, humorous and extremely detail oriented. Ultimately, Schude is less about categories than its about synergy, between subject and artist, between imagination and control, between vision and chance.  









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