16 March 2016 // Sanne Schrijver //Amersfoort


Olivia Bee’s book “Kids in Love” will be available end of this month. Olivia Bee is known for her dreamy, evocative portraits which tell a story of intimacy, freedom and adventure. The images for the series “Kids in Love” offers a visual diary of her friends and new loves, capturing the pleasures and terrors of romanticized youth. There’s a tenderness in the photographs of kids embracing, swimming or skateboarding, enjoying the pleasures of being young, dumb and full of fun.  Olivia described that period of her life “a time when a lot of my friends and I were having sex and doing drugs for the first time. Being connected to other people intimately in that way for the first time opens up a whole new chapter of feelings. You’re developing your own worlds. It’s a lot about who you surround yourself with and what you do as friends. It was a kind of time in your life when you’re feeling all these feelings of forever. When you feel bad, it kinda feels good, and you want to dwell on how shitty you feel. When you feel good, you feel like that’s the only way you’re gonna feel for the rest of your life. “Kids in Love” is about all of my friends in high school and what we did, the boys I kissed, the universe we created for ourselves.”



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