02 January 2016 // Florine van Rees //Rotterdam



New year, new goals! After a week of total self-destruction it is time to catch that regular rhythm of sleeping hours, breakfast-lunch-dinner and focus on work again. But when I look at the bigger picture; We just want to become like Linda Rodin when we grow old! Gosh, what a charming, attractive, creative and inspiring woman is that. After starting as a model when she was younger, she now owns a beautiful store in New York with unique bags. But I am lying if I would say that people visit only for these treasure-bags. It is Linda that sparkles in her appearence and slowly becoming a role-model as well as an it-girl on her age. Such a sense of style no matter what age and de co-working shaded sunglasses witch the beautiful long grey hair - which is by the way the same color as her poodle. And a loving smile that makes us want to have her as an auntie, neighbour and best friend at the same time. We all want to have a part of her and are secretly praying to age just like this stunner does!



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