15 February 2016 // Puck Gall //Amsterdam



Hallelujah we survived another Valentines Day. For all the singles out there I believe it is not our favorite day of the year. Although we might not even celebrate when in a relationship somehow when you have nobody Valentines Day always feels a bit funny. This year it made me think about the great dangerous destructive relationships. Love may come in many different shapes but I like it most when it is not safe. When I look at my closest friends I notice that we all look for impossible love. Why is it that impossible love always seems so attractive? We all know it hardly ever works out for the best. My personal philosophy is that we just like the game. The stranger the match the more exiting it would be if it works out. In other words we are too restless to embrace security yet..

Hopefully most of us will get there one day but for now…

Here are a few of my favorite famous danger couples. Reality check, most of them did not live happily ever after. For now dream on and have a very sexy Monday!


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