20 December 2015 // Mathieu Jonker //Rotterdam



As the days get darker and the screens seem brighter, the only way to ease the eyes is through inspiring imagery. As a huge fan I immediately thought of the Commes des Garçons advertising campaigns. Curiously (in case of fashion advertising) the images rarely have something to do with the actual clothing, they have a more abstract connection to the concept/theme/collection, yet they always remain appealing! I have found a digital archive (1986-2012), and I’ve made a selection to freshen up your mind. 

The ads mostly contain artworks as key to successful collaborations between different types of artists. Instead of showing a shallow body image and glamour, their approach is more conceptual, inconsistent and off-standard. It shows that the collection is about love and passion, unfinished like an ongoing dialogue. It shows the context of the collection and portrays it in a artsy way. A dedicated art lover will easily recognize the references. I won’t go into the details of each, just watch and let it sink in. 


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