06 February 2017 // Puck Gall //Amsterdam




 It is said that planning a holiday can be just as fulfilling as going on one. Probably because your imagination is already running when you are looking at the beautiful possibilities of your trip. The places where you could have a great lunch or the sights you might see but most importantly the beds you could sleep in. Ever since Airbnb I have discovered the magic of sleeping in great places.

Now that we are tortured by these cold rainy winter days I want nothing more than to escape on an imaginary holiday.

So I have been looking around and off course there are too many options. But since I have just gotten my driving license a road trip seems quite logic. Somewhere in a warm country because I am in desperate need of a tan and some vitamin D and a summer wardrobe if I am honest. There are many places that I have not visited but Australia has always been high on my list. I have even been appreciating it more since I recently learned that my views on life lie quite close to the Aboriginal way of life. Anyway enough reasons can be collected to plan a road trip throughout Australia. I have even looked up a classics car rental in Aussie that suits me just fine because for the humble amount of $405 dollar a day I can drive this beauty around; a 1967 GTA Mustang convertible.


So after my transportation is clear the route has to be planned. Most Australian friends that I know come from or live in Melbourne so that would be a great place to start. And to get adventurous and ambitious maybe, I would love to drive up to the Alice Springs right through the red beautiful outback. As I want to take it extremely slow this holiday most of the accommodations along the way will hopefully be spontaneous. I will sleep in my beautiful car if I have to. But luckily I have one special place on lock down; the absurdly gorgeous Camp Kulning in the Lauriston forest near Kyneton at just one hour from Melbourne.


Amanda Henly is the proud owner of this place. She has bought the property over a year ago and says that her goal was to feel like she was on a holiday while being at home, brilliant! There are various sheds and a caravan on the property but personally I believe that the renovated tram is the ultimate highlight. After it was completely demolished by nature and decay she managed to fix it and turn it into a fairy tail. By staying true to its original colors for example. It is the ultimate luxury of little. There are windows all around and no distractions other that the fireplace. You can see that Angela loves vintage but knows how to dose it very well.

I could spend weeks in this place but unfortunately Angela only rents it out on weekends. Which is actually also the beauty off this place. The genuine effort to make something out off this place comes from Angela’s personal wish to live in a romantic trailer park. The ones who get to sleep here are just lucky enough that she would share it with us. Just look at the shed that Angela has turned into a tiki bar! Who wouldn’t want that next to their house..? Early 2016 Angela has put her piece of paradise on Airbnb so anyone who will ever find themselves in Melbourne make sure to visit this place. For now I will continue planning my already smashing fantasy holiday, happy Mondays!!



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