06 March 2018 // Florine van Rees //Rotterdam



The fact that I am still listening the playlist of filmmusic a week after watching it, at least 2 times a day, already says enough about the impact the ambiance of the movie had. Not only did the music totally suck me into northern Italy in the eithties, it also left me completely quiet and verbal about it at the same time. 

The growing love story between Elio and Oliver shows us pure beauty, fragility and honest pain and leaves us with questions about life. The Northern Italian setting makes you hunger to summer without worries and days without time. 

There is much that can be told about the screenplay, content, styling and casting, but I think that the final scene says it all. It is by far the most beautiful and touching final scene I have ever seen with music by the brilliant Sufjan Stevens that could not have been chosen better:

Call me by your name - Final Scene


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