29 June 2016 // Florine van Rees //Rotterdam



Brian de Graft is a collage artist from Germany, living in Amsterdam. His artwork is eye-catching and easy to recognize – and this is why.

De Graft always loved art, music and literature, but did not really feel like being able to make art himself. “I just cannot draw, that’s why I searched for something else in using of my creativity.” He compares the making of collages with music; You sample and remix part of images just like you do with parts of music to create a song.

 The starting of the process always starts at flea markets, where de Graft finds old books about photography, art and nature. Colour research is important for the artist; He looks for the perfect colour palette before actually starting at his new collage. This colour palette is often found in old paintings like for example those made by Breugel. 

“I always listen to music when I work, it inspires me and influences the collage I am making at that point. Some collages are darker, other more happy.” – Brian the Graft in his interview with FROOT



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