21 May 2016 // Serena Asselman //Rotterdam


Still looking like a true glamour star, Cher turned 70 yesterday. I have so much love for this woman, and her success since the sixties. Starting her music career with Sonny, a duet with Elton John in the seventies who ended the song, saying: 'you're the sort of person that, in 50 years time will still be going strong' and he was so right. Scoring hit after hit, starting acting in movies and just being an icon. Her fashion game strong, always making sure to dress memorable. So fascinating that she is such a big inspiration, think about Kim and Beyonce's nude dresses and all the commotion around it and realize, Cher was first! She rocked the nude dress look since the sixties, including wigs, overknee boots, swimsuit like dresses, sequences and even jeans. She done it all, and still is doing it all. Forever Cher!



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