24 December 2015 // Sanne Schrijver //Amersfoort



Bernhard Fuchs is a photographer and published a book of pictures of farms near his childhood home in the north of Austria.

Today, most of these farms are run as secondary sources of income and are passed down from generation to generation. But as a result of recent developments in agriculture and the rising costs many farms have been abandoned. 

Fuchs portrays these rural ruins and those farms that survive with both clarity and empathy. These farms were photographed in the sad, grievous city in the north of Austria. Not a drop of real color to be found in this one, beyond a touch of green grass. On the images you see barns, and hay piles, leafless trees, hilly landscapes and a pitchfork that has seen better days.

The images are calm and still, and have a curtain tranquillity which you can find at this characteristic area. 


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