08 July 2016 // Serena Asselman //Rotterdam


Belgium housing and architecture is very different from the houses and buildings you can find in the Netherlands. In Antwerp the build is way more romantic, but it’s also older and that holds more history and nostalgia to a city of Antwerp. To keep all the houses, flats and buildings up to a modern standard, a few things have been updated or modernized. The old doors may not keep people from breaking in, so you see a lot of roller shutters the people installed.

New architecture and buildings appear in the streets more and more, I must say I don’t always like them I’m into the medieval housing and the Rococo architecture Antwerp has to offer. In the Zurenborg area in south-east Antwerp largely developed between 1894 and 1906 that features a high concentration of townhouses in Art Nouveau and other fin-de-siècle styles. But the thing is, you don’t have to search for eye candy, you can simply find something beautiful in all area's and places Antwep has to offer. Due to aging, layers and layers of dust and paint have been sticking to the houses, new structures developed.  Buildings got different functions of use then they used to have.









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