05 November 2014 // Florine van Rees //Rotterdam


Creative duo Jorin Koers and Wes Cremer, founded Koers von Cremer in 2012. Koers von Cremer is based in the Netherlands. As commerce and speed dominate the market, they choose to evoke dreams and desire. Back to fabrics and materials. Is he defined by his sartorial choices?



 We Are The Eu's photography // Koers von Cremer styling // Koers von Cremer  models // Sjoerd at Brooks Modeling Agency, Lucas at De Boekers



We Are, We Are photography // Koers von Cremer  styling // Koers von Cremer models // Lauwrence & Jarno at Brooks Modeling Agency


 Futura Tribes Masks by Niek Pulles photography // Koers von Cremer styling // Majid Karrouch





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