08 July 2015 // Florine van Rees //Rotterdam


Finding the beautiful drawings by Ferdy Remijn on the internet, convinced us to put a spotlight on this talented illustrator, based in Rotterdam. We've interviewed this artist and tried to see the world from his eyes for a little while. Enjoy!




From whom would you like to receive a compliment about your work the most and why?

I would love to hear a compliment from Wes Anderson, because I’m very curious about what he has to say about my work. I love the symmetrical camera work in his films; his scenes are so well thought of.


Where is the animal theme in your drawings coming from?

I think it’s a combination of my fascinations towards animals and my internship at the Antwerp Zoo. I did a lot of studying on how the animals move and how their bodies look like from different angles. The textures in the fur and skin are what I enjoy creating most, especially when it comes to black and white drawings.


Your drawings are extremely precise; does it feel like meditating for you? We totally get the Bob Ross vibe watching you working, would you consider doing a show on tv when asked?

Hahaha.. It’s definitely a form of meditation, whilst drawing it’s nice to focus on the art you’re creating. It’s like you’re in a cocoon where your own ideas emerge. When you’re being filmed it’s different because it feels like a set-up, I think I would refuse making a tv show. To me it’s better to keep a sort of mystery behind the work, and not to demonstrate how it’s been made.



What is the best book you’ve ever read?

Well I’m not that much of a reader, but I’ve read a small number of books. My favorite has to be ‘The Never ending Story’ by Michael Ende.


Do you listen to music when you’re at work? If yes, what kind?

Music has always been very important to me, I love to hear it while I’m creating my art. I listen to a lot of chillout and indie rock artists like St. Germain, Ben Howard and The National. What I mostly listen to are playlists with all sorts of artists, I’m always on the lookout to discover new artists.


What big brand would you really want to collaborate with if possible? I already worked with some cool brands and I’m open-minded when it comes to collaborating with brands.


What unique object is always present in your office and really defines you as a person or the place you receive inspiration from?

My glass cabinets with seashells and butterflies are things that I get really inspired from. As a kid I grew up in Zeeland, a small province in the southwest of Holland where you find a lot of beaches and forests. By wandering around in those places you can collect some beautiful treasures.


If you could receive a request from anybody for drawing him or her, who would it be? 

That’s a tough question.. What came to my mind is the famous Instagram dog Maru (@marutaro) he’s a Japenese Shiba dog. He reminds me of a fox with his orange/beige fur and his friendly smile.


For more information about Ferdy Remijn, please visit his website: www.ferdyremijn.com


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