24 February 2020 // Florine van Rees //Rotterdam



They say the early painters used to travel all the way to The Netherlands to see their skies and famous "sheepclouds". The photographers nowadays still try to catch the Dutch nature hanging in the air. 

As a Dutch citizen, I grew up with these skies and they became less special to me. It became something else I was searching for when it came to capturing the skies.

There is something about the African light that makes the sky bright blue, but warm as if it were red. The light coming from and through that blue makes everything it touches have a hint of gold. "Someone's trash is some one else's treasure" - to me that sometimes literally is the case. 

I was welcomed by the beautiful city of Marrakech for the second time, and it still surprised me in many ways. Colourful and vibrant as ever, the pictures can only show you a climpse of that feel. 



































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