01 December 2019 // Florine van Rees //Rotterdam



Before the autumn days officially would turn into cold winter days with no leaves left on the trees and the colour being transformed from warm red and yellow to different shades of black and white, I packed my bags to visit my parents in the south of France. My warmest sweater and book I just started reading soon became one of my closest friends, together with the smell of seasalt splashing against the rocks in Antibes and moisty moss growing next to the Nietzsche trail in Eze. 

Visiting antique markets are a perfect break from the sun on your skin full of water pearls from the clear blue Mediteranian Sea. Visiting them at the end of November appeared to be combative for treasure hunting. Red noses from the cold from both visitors and market vendors made you get right to the chase and appeared to be good for getting the best bargain. 

The days filled themselves with walking. Every day a different hike, surrounded by a different landscape. From pointy rocks underneath your shoes to moisty sand, we felt it all. The low position of the sun gave us the most beautiful light and warmed the colour of the soil we were walking on. White shimmers on the blue sea seemed to dance over the blue surface, celebrating the beautiful days that seemed to be the last ones before the storm would come and make the ocean flood the coast. Not knowing what would happen, we admired the peace and glazed over the hills, the sea and the different colours of trees. Baguettes were taken out of backpacks and filled with cheese while sitting on small boulders facing the waves falling on the land one after another. These were the moments adore the beauty that  we are surrounded with and to be humble towards nature. 




































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