14 November 2019 // Florine van Rees //Rotterdam





It was the end of August and summer seemed to have officially ended in The Netherlands - the part where it is supposed to be sunny, warm and dry at least. Together with four friends I know from the gallery we work for/used to work for, we visited Gallery Untitled owner Lenny -  who invited us to his off the grid and antique holiday house earlier that summer. 

The last rays of summer never felt so good and Mother Nature was our best friend. Without electricity, cell phone reach or warm running water, the process of finding wood to make a fire, light the candles before it got dark, putting on extra layers when the sun went down and cooking (the analog way), life got a new type of structure and calm that cleaned our soul and made us go back the the basics a human being actually needs. 

We bathed in riverbeds and let our naked skin dry in the sun. We decorated the house with the flowers we found and listened to the sound of silence. Summer is never over when time is not important. 





















































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