04 August 2017 // Serena Asselman //Rotterdam


Style queens of the sixties, the Supremes. The stars of Motown records, that scored numerable hits like 'Stop in the name of love'. The group changed members a few times, but the most memorable voice is, of course, Diana Ross' who left the Supremes after more than 10 years in 1970, to pursue a solo career.

The Supremes stood out because of a more glamorous image than previous black performers, this is why I love them so much. All the style and the glamor!! Responsible for this style and glamor was Maxime Powell, the legendary etiquette, and style expert. Who showed the girls how to sing with a calm voice, dance simple routines that look graceful, to match their perfect high-fashion gowns and wigs performance outfits. This all made the Supremes a huge success that we still enjoy nowadays.


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