29 July 2017 // Florine van Rees //Rotterdam



The Italian photographer Franco Fontana (Montana, 1933) showed us already really soon in history how to make the illusion a picture is actually a painted image without using Photoshop. He is best known for his abstract colour landscapes and can call himself the inventor of the photographic line referred to as "contept of line". 

The interplay of colours is always the main theme in Fontanas work. This specific style later got labeled by critics as "Photographic Trans-avantgarde". As the world functioned as his studio, he worked outdoors with his 35 mm cameras, taking pictures with all kind of subjects but always with the attention on colour. 

I think that Franco Fontana his work is a real good part of research in photography, especially in how to express in colour without using paint. His approach was alreay modern in his days, but is still very inspiring to artists nowadays.



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