25 October 2016 // Florine van Rees //Rotterdam



Sarah Jane Adams is another advanced style icon  popping out of the ground via Social Media. The inspirational Adams has great style, showing her bohemian way of life and her intention to take everything out of every day. When a picture of her went viral through the Instragram account of her daughter, a new star was born. Adams has over 95 thousand followers and shows us confidence, style and beauty has no age. Her inspiring way of living her life give her this authentic badass all over feel that we all want to own. The jewellery designer was born in London and lives in Sidney, where she is working on a book about the way she expresses through her wardrobe. 

"Our clothing is a second skin. Mine has served as my home, my protector, my form of self-expression, my camouflage and my messenger." - Sarah Jane Adams in her interview for I-D magazine


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