24 October 2016 // Puck Gall //Amsterdam




Lately I have been serving and drinking a whole lot of coffee.. It is quite strange how something like coffee has become so dominant in everyday life. People love it and can’t even function without it in some cases. With this popularity comes great interest for the product. This coffee religion has only grown over the years; there are more options than ever and more demands on how coffee should taste and look. What wonders me is the journey that our coffee has made before we drink it. Whether it is from Brazil or Ethiopia, how the scenery of the farms look and what the people who harvest the coffee live like.

That’s why I am so happy with Steve Mccurry’s book ‘From these hands, a journey along the coffee trail’. Steve Mccurry has always made mesmerizing photo’s with his work for National Geographic he has traveled all over the world to capture the different ways of living. One of his most famous photo’s Afghan girl made such a impression on me as a little girl that it has always stayed with me.

Steve is so incredibly gifted in capturing the beauty of humanity. His series ‘From these hands’ is no exception. He has traveled through 12 countries searching for the people behind our coffee. This project took over 30 years to complete and it seems now more relevant as ever.

In a world that is so disconnect from the produce of our products Steve has found a way to make us look differently at our daily cup of coffee.



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