19 May 2015 // Laura de Wit //Amsterdam


Earlier I wrote about a balancing clothing rack, this time my fascination goes to balancing flower vases. I guess I have this thing with designs that 'exist on the edge.' The vase I'm referring to is called the 'Wobble' and comes from the hand of Dutch designer Ton Haas. The different shapes in which the vase exists are all molded with a curved bottom whereby they are forced to search for their natural balance once water is poured inside and flowers are placed in it. The Wobble is designed to lean in an angle of 60 degrees, which adds a touch of humor for it looks precisely as if the vase will fall over any second. This ingenious design is already 25 years old, however, thanks to its simple shapes it is one of those timeless pieces that will probably never go out of fashion.   


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