18 May 2015 // Yun Sudrajat //Amsterdam

//Living out of the Boxes

Currently I’m kind of in-between places, staying at a friend’s house in the north of Amsterdam for the moment, while looking for a new apartment. As it’s temporary and there is no furniture in the room whatsoever, I haven’t quite unpacked all my belongings and found the right place for them, resulting in complete and utter chaos as all of my stuff are still laying in boxes all over the place. In my previous apartment I had my own walk in closet, so you can imagine the big adjustments I had to make. Being surrounded by boxes all the time made me think of the work of Zimoun, a contemporary artist from Bern, Switzerland. He’s completely self-thought, which you can sense in his unpretentious approach towards making art. Zimoun utilizes inexpensive, easy-to-get materials, like cardboard boxes, and transforms them into sound sculptures and installation art. Take a look at his work in the pictures below, and check the link of the artist’s website to see, and hear, his work in action.



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