09 August 2016 // Puck Gall //Amsterdam



With the Olympic games starting this week in Rio, I wanted to celebrate Brazil. I don't know any place that inspires me more. Maybe it is because of the wonderful vibrant people that know how to celebrate life like no one else can, or the rouch edges that give a certain freedom to be wild. The nature is so overwhelmingly beautiful and calms you down wherever you go. It is probably all of this energy, beauty and freedom that makes Rio the greatest for me.

Curturally, Brazil has also much to offer; From its fantastisc architecture to rhythmic music scene. The art scene is booming as many new young artists are emerging. 

But one of my fafourites must be Cao Guimarães - born in 1965 in Belo Horizonte. He studied philosophy and photography and later in got into film. He creates pieces that turn the ordinary into magic. Capturing the pragnancy of his wife with a film calles OTTO is so personal but yet such an extremely universal subject. I think he creates love letters for landscapes and emotions. The way he looks at life small or big is extremely poetic. With subjects like time, death, chance or loneliness his images relate to my purest emotions. 

So hallelujah to Cao and therefor Brazil, the country where magic really does exist. 


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