06 August 2016 // Florine van Rees //Rotterdam



Carolyn Besette Kennedy has always been known for her great beauty and kind features - the short time that she was with us that is. But looking back after 17 years, makes us realize that we can actually learn big time from her sense of style. 

As the wife of John F Kennedy Junior, she got in the spotlight and was spotted all over New York by the paparazzi. These pictures have the same feeling as the paparazzi pictures of Jackie Kennedy Onassis in New York: Both classy, stylisch and very charismatic in a mysterical way.

Carolyn Besette Kennedy worked for Calvin Klein, which makes a lot of sense. Her basic nineties look an the way she finishes it with accessories (plastic head band like mom back in the days) are something we could actually come from the runways nowadays. 

We will keep on remembering this lady and her iconic style.








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