03 December 2015 // Serena Asselman //Rotterdam



A self-educated illustrator that makes very detailed artworks. He makes his true-to-nature artworks with ballpoint or Indian ink. A technique he likes to use is pointillism, this works for his detailed drawings. Sometimes Karim works on paper, but he also works on human skin. 

In his drawings you can discover a personal style, his work is hard to define, but can be described as ornamental, unorthodox and inspired by claire obscure. Karim is very critical on his own work, he always wants to improve, ‘things I was satisfied about a month ago, can be worthless today’. 

Looking around in Karim’s studio gives a very good feeling of who Karim is, and what he likes. He sits behind a dark wooden desk, above his desk a small case with a human skull in it, Karim tells us he got the skull from a friend. Most of the things in his studio he received from friends or other artists. An old revolver, a hand painted plate and various books about art, religion and about tattooing. Sometimes in return for a drawing or a tattoo. 

It never was his dream to become a true tattoo artist, it just came to him. He started tattooing on himself and his friends to make the techniques his own, after that his clientele expanded really quick. He even quit his job to fully focus on his art. He only wants to tattoo artworks that he designs and that are true to his own personal style. 

‘Before drawing was my hobby, now it's my job, I really need a new hobby’.

'To inspire myself I do not use music,  I use images. I love work of Gustave Dore and other religious & Mythological illustrators. I like myths and fairytales. Did you see Pan’s Labyrinth? It’s one of my favorite movies’.


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all pictures by Florine van Rees

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