30 July 2016 // Florine van Rees //Rotterdam




On a sunny Saturday I visited an (semi) abandoned tiny beach in the harbour of Rotterdam, accompanied with Lola and Stella. We shot the collection of Stella Verdult L’Atelier – a collection that we cannot call a collection to be exact. Stella’s concept is to make unique hand made pieces for people that come for a garment that fits their needs and body’s perfectly. Stella specializes in garment design, colour research and art direction and shows in everything how much she understands colour. I personally am a huge fan of the collages she makes with colour, which she uses in the research for her own clothing pieces. – Here you can see the result of a great day with lovely Lola in beautiful garments.


PHOTOGRAPHY // Florine van Rees

DESIGN // Stella Verdult

MODEL // Lola


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