14 August 2018 // Florine van Rees //Rotterdam



Last week I took a quite spontanious trip to London - spontanious in a way that I was meant to go to Wimbledon with friends who take this trip every year, going in line at the campsite for a day, wearing the best Fred Perry seventies outfit you can get and achieving to sit right in front at the Centre Court while Nadal shows his moves. 

So, this is what did not happen for me. I booked the traintrip in a hurry on the road after a short night of sleep and found out it was for the same date, but then in August. I decided that it must have been for a reason and went to Great Britain in the middle of summer and its unique heatwave. My friend Lisa moved there 5 months ago and offered me to stay at her place, which I did. It turned out to be the best weekend I could have thought of. It was already 8 years ago that I visited London for the first and last time and this was during winter - quite different indeed. 

Lisa lives in Lower Clapton, a nice neighbourhood in the east of London. A great spot to catch the overground but also to walk from towards cute bistros, lovely breakfast spots, beautiful flower stores and the local bar that indeed is open untill 5 o'clock in the morning. Because of the heatwave, we went to Hampstead Heath; A beautiful valley that serves as the widest park you can imagine. I assume the grass to be green usually, but with the enduring drought it was all hay we were hiding in. 

What I love about summer in citys is that people on the street seem more open towards others and intent to dress up in a nicer and more colourful way as they usually do. The perfect circumstance for street photography. Powerful reds, dreamy pinks, clear blues en warm greens make their way through the city to get cought by my lens.




































































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