13 April 2018 // Serena Asselman //Rotterdam



Though this holiday took place in real summer, that now feels like years ago, I didn't manage to finish these series earlier. Thinking back to better times when Florine and me had to relax and do whatever we felt like on a beautiful island called 'Cyprus'.

Florine actually came up with this plan to go on a short trip. We both really needed a break from life and had to work on Florine's tan, so decided to book a cheap holiday. Looking for a place to visit, our only criteria was 'sun please'. So we ended up on the Turkish side of Cyprus, in a tiny village called 'Lapta' in a cheap but lovely hotel called 'Sempati'. The receptionist at the front desk even spoke a few creepy Dutch words, that made us feel welcome and a little upset at the same time.

We arrived in the middle of the night, so went to bed to wake up in 30 degrees Celcius with a beautiful view over the pool and if you looked good enough you could even spot the ocean. Exploring started immediately. Taking off by foot, we found a museum-like restaurant:  The owner was a super cool dude (granny). He was a dancer, a chef, a restaurant owner and a hunter, he informed us about his upcoming performance and invited us to come hunting. Not really fond of this idea we agreed to come hunting, which we decided not to do eventually. We did went to the performance, which turned out to be a local festival with dancers from other countries and a market with locally crafted things and food. Ending in a beach party with all visitors and all performers, memories are blurry but it was fun! 

Cyprus is a beautiful island, locals are super friendly, prices are super good, nature is sweet and the ocean's great. We went out for dinner every day and didn't spend over 15 euros per person (inclusing a bottle of wine). Public transportation is great, the bus stops when holding up your hand, we even went to Nicosia the capital city of Cyprus, where you can go to the Greek side of Cyprus (don't forget your passport). 






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