26 November 2015 // Sanne Schrijver //Amersfoort


Clare Richardson is a British photographer who made a series of photographs, entitled “Harmville”,  in and around a rural community in North America. In Harmville the children are educated according to the principles of the Austrian philosopher and scientist Steiner; the philosophy of how to live in harmonious in a back-to-nature simplicity, and the encouragement of free expression, creativity and imagination. Which in return fill up an exuberant self-confidence and self-awareness that is rarely present in mainstream American society. Richardson spent 2 years observing the community and taking photographs. She captured their respect for nature, quiet life style and formal clarity. Her images evoke a nostalgic sense of innocence. Harmville appears idyllic in its radical optimism.

Richardson’s images document pre-teen boys and girls involved in various everyday activities and outdoor play. Her photographs are characterized by sensitivity towards their subject and faultless photographic techniques. 


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