22 October 2015 // Sanne Schrijver //Amersfoort


Most people who take pictures of their mother do so under curtain circumstances; family holidays, weekend trips or a selfie with mom. Charlie Engman started photographing his mom, Kathleen McCain Engman, in 2009. He was visiting his parents and taking pictures of anything and everything, including his parents. When he developed the film from his visit, he noticed something in the photographs of his mother. Engman couldn’t recognize his mother in the pictures. This was the beginning to capture beautiful and jarring portraits of his mother and muse. Her dull orange hair, confrontational gaze and sculptural poses. His mother transformed in a way that confused and intrigued Engman. He has photographed his mother for fashion editorials and personal projects. Whether posing in haute couture or partially nude, Kathleen is full of confidence. Both Engman and his mother have received praise for their unusual family collaboration. The main reaction he received from people is, ‘I could never do that’, or ‘How are you ok with that?’ Engman is not looking for the shock factor. His comfort level with his mother has always been extremely high. So it’s very interesting to see how people react.

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