26 February 2015 // Sanne Schrijver //Amersfoort


Milan Fashion week just started, followed by Paris next week. It’s always exciting to see the new collections from the designer labels but as well all the models and the new faces.

Models always appear fully styled on the catwalk, or photo shoots, and I always try to imagine them doing mundane things like combing their hair, dropping a glass with liquid or searching for a bic pen but have it in your hand.

Hadley Hudson made the series “Models in their own homes” which answers all my imaginations.

Hudson created a captivating and impressively varied series of images. Incredible hotties (of both sexes) in natural-magnificent poses, like models can. And weird set-ups too, like a woman licking a rabbit. Posed with friends, children and disorder. The pictures are packed with details and information, which gives us insights into models’ lives. They’re not quite glamorous, as we might have expected.

These stunningly intimate images remind us that models are people too, they’re just really, breathtaking attractive.

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