06 November 2014 // Sanne Schrijver //Amersfoort


A photographer’s personal work is often a great insight into their life, the expression through their art can tell you so much more than a biography. Lina Scheynius is a perfect example.


Scheynius (born 1981 in Sweden) is capturing deeply intimate and personal moments of friends and lovers, portraying her life with a casualness and honesty that is both touching and beautiful. At once both voyeur and participant, her work has a surprisingly strong sexual undertone and refreshingly straightforward with balanced nudity. She is a self taught photographer with a passion for 35mm.

Her work is dreamy, awkward, raw, beautifully feminine and highly sexual.


She started posting pictures of her ex-boyfriend and herself on flickr and some people shared her images. Soon her work spread over the internet. One day in 2008 a photographer’s agent found Scheynius’ work one a blog and she got her first job: a portrait of Charlotte Rampling for Dazed and Confused. “It is pretty much all thanks to the internet” , Lina says.


She works with existing light sources from our everyday life and never uses her flash. The light can change a place, a situation, a mood or even the subject. Her photographs manage to find beauty in the simplest, most unanticipated moments.

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