13 March 2015 // Simcha van Helden //Rotterdam


'The Blue sail is a very famous installation works by Hans Haacke. Which has been installed in many exhibitions. It has a sense of poetism within it, as it is a flowing piece of chiffon that spreads a sense of rhythm and calmness to the viewer.

Haacke: “If wind blows into a light piece of material, it flutters like a flag or it swells like a sail, depending on the way which it is suspended. The direction of the stream of air, as well as its intensity, determines the movements. None of these movements is without an influence from all the others. A common pulse goes through the membrane.”

To see this piece as a conversation between the elements such as human beings and one of the elements of nature, in this case being air or wind that is placing movement in a materialistic thing such as the blue chiffon cloth. It is very conceptual in it’s meaning, as we perceive conceptualism as a conversation that is nonverbal but yet on going.

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