30 September 2015 // Michèle van Vliet //Rotterdam


Please join me for a little MTV Cribs – The Artist's Studio Edition. Spoiler: there aren't any fridges in this one. 


I've always been super fascinated by workspaces of other creatives. The spaces where the magic happens (art, in this case) tells a lot about the creators and the ways in which they work. It must be a place that is inspiring to their work and suits their way of making, without any limitations. You can also tell a lot about someones mind by looking at the (minimal) amount of mess or distractions. 

For this episode I've featured some of the well known painters from the 20th century. There is a certain nostalgia to these images because of the way we know about their art and lives in retrospect. The fact that some of them are turned into museums after the artists are gone says a lot about their star status and the influence they've had on society's view on art. 


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