16 March 2015 // Yun Sudrajat //Amsterdam



In today’s urban landscape almost the entire environment has been designed around the act of sitting. Wether it’s at home, or in the public environment like: libraries, parks, subways and offices. Yet, recent medical research has shown that sitting all day can be very unhealthy for you. With this in mind, conceptual architect studio RAAAF and artist Barbara Visser challenged traditional notions of the office desk and chair with their installation:The End of Sitting. The colossal construction has a very organic structure. People are encouraged to change their body positions during the day and are free to stand, lean, and even lay down wherever they please. The project can be seen as a proposition: the makers want to start a dialogue about the workplace of the future, touching not only on architecture and design, but also on art, philosophy and empirical science. On Monday the 23rd of March the Royal Dutch Academy of Science (KNAW) is hosting an evening in Amsterdam in honor of The End of Sitting, where screenings, lectures and discussions will be held. See pictures and a link below for more information.


link: https://www.knaw.nl/nl/actueel/agenda/the-end-of-sitting



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