17 May 2016 // Florine van Rees //Rotterdam



Last weekend I got to spend time with friends in lovely Copenhagen. It was only three months ago that I was there the last time, but there were still a lot of beautiful diamonds to discover in the vibrant city. 

One of those diamonds, standing on top of my to-do list, was the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in Humblebaek. Not only is it the most important modern art museum in the entire country of Denmark, it is also a treat for the eye as a building and location. 

The beautiful building is located right next to the shore of Denmark, and has been acknowledged as a milestone in modern Danish architecture - noted for the synthesis it creates of art, architecture, and landscape. The sculpture garden is something to wander around in all day, the location and selected art work so well together that it is hard to not get inspired in this place. A true recommendation!

For a moving impression you can visit the following short filmclip: Louisiana impressions



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