03 February 2015 // Laura de Wit //Amsterdam


Last week when I was at a reading about design one of the designers who was invited to speak caught my attention with his beautiful objects that I recognized from a visit to a pop up store a while ago. These objects that I find already outstanding by their appearance became even more interesting once their research and production process was revealed. 


The designer, Lex Pott, graduated cum laude from the Design Academy in Eindhoven in 2009. He explained the objects are the end result of a research he did on the different colours that appear from the oxidization of metals as copper, aluminium, brass and steel. He became fascinated by the colours on the metals that carry information about what happened to the material. He started developing a recipe to oxidize metals by hand. The unpredictable aspect is that the oxidization can hardly be influenced, which results in uneven coloured patterns that are each unique.   


This technique is applied on cylinder shaped metals that function as vases. By oxidizing only a part of the base material a vivid colour contrast arises of the metals and their true colours.


True Colours Vases 2013, www.lexpott.nl


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